About me

Hi! I am Jean Schroeder and I am a professional dancer, performer, barre instructor, dance instructor, aspiring blogger and basic babe living and loving following her dreams in the city of Angels. Originally from Boise, Idaho my homegrown hometown girl spirit comes through everything I do! There is no shame in my game 😉 I began dancing at the age of 3 after attending the Nutcracker ballet over Christmas with my grandma and grandpa Schroeder. Watching the beautiful sugar plum fairy sparked something inside me that I have never let go of. The magic of the stage! After seeing the Nutcracker I got into ballet right away and 26 years later (help!) I’m still here dancing and following my dreams. Dance has brought me all across the United States, helped get me a scholarship to one of the Best Dance schools in America, The University of Arizona and helped shape me as a person. At the University of Arizona I majored in both Communications and Dance. I was also a member of Sigma Kappa Sorority where I was the Vice President of Alumnae Relations and learned a lot about “college greek life” Some of the girls that I met in recruitment are my life long sisters. After college there were some setbacks in my career like any…and my choice to move to Ballet Austin shifted to starting fresh in Los Angeles, CA. This transition was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life, and since this move I have gone through 2 agents, danced for MAC Cosmetics in a national tour, performed in 3 musicals, worked for KISS the Band dancing for a football team, acted in commercials, worked in television and done so many awesome and random things that only LA has to offer. The path of a dance career, especially mine has taken many turns, but I am proud to still be following my dreams everyday. I continue to learn more and more about myself and my aspirations not only as a dancer but also as a human. I hope that this website and blog can give anyone who wants to read this (hi mom and dad ;)) an insight into my life in Los Angeles. I will fill in the good the bad the ugly moments and hope to provide some tips and tricks that I have used to get to where I am today! Today, I am 26, and ready to be the best version of me!!!


Go Slay today xooxox Jean