Pre-Performance Warmup

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Pre-Performance Warmup
Before most auditions, days on set, rehearsals or anything where I will be using my body I make sure I have either worked out or taken a dance class. If I have not done this, I always make sure to warmup my body properly. Its a short but effective warmup that stretches, lengthens and activates me from my head to my toes and I have found a lot of success with it and would love to share! I will also include a video of my warmup. Its short sweet and fabulous…just like you 😉
First- Get heartrate up. 1-2 minutes
I do this by jump roping for at least 2 minutes, knee lifts, or jumping jacks
Second-Activate core 2 minutes
I start with a one minute straight arm plank, and flow right away into a forearm plank
Third- flow approx. 30 secs
I’m not a yogi…nor do I really know what I am talking about in this flow…my toes always get in the way lol If you have advice for this Share! Anyway I press into cobra to stretch out my back and core and shoulders and then flow into a downward dog…this is about 4 times
Fourth- Pushups approx 30 secs
After a few flows I do at least 25 pushups regular and also at least 15 triceps pushups.
Fifth- flow and stretch more approx 45 secs
Usually after pushups I press into child’s pose, or cats pose to open up my shoulders and hips roll through into a butterfly opening up my hips and extend one leg the other and then both. Press back into another down dog and roll up to standing
Sixth- Arms- triceps, shoulders, back, biceps approx 3 minutes
These variations can vary in-between how much time I have etc. Initially I start with plies either turned in, turned out, second position, a lunge, whatever I may be needing for one the show I am in and two what I will be doing for the day. No weights or equipment needed, just make sure
to go long enough until you feel a burn in your arms.
Seventh – Thighs- calves, inner, outer, quads, hamstrings etc approx 4 minutes
I sometimes combine thighs with arms but I always make sure to get a burn in my thighs before a show. I combine a lot of plies, squeezes, some jumps in first, leg lifts this is just for about 4 minutes so its short but whatever gets your burn in.
Eighth- Thigh stretch approx 2 minutes
This stretch starts with my quads at least 20 seconds on each. I tend to hold a lot of tension in my thighs. Then press back into a calf stretch, lunge, split. Each side is different and each day is different, but in general I like to make sure my body is warm and ready to dance.
Ninth- Glutes approx 3 minutes
I like to activate my glutes for just about one song right and left. I do some kick backs on all fours, a Jane Fonda like workout, laying on my back and extending one leg and then the other. It varies on how much time I need or have!
Tenth- Stretch/breathe approx 40 seconds
Usually this stretch is for my hamstrings again and for my glutes so includes a pigeon stretch, figure 4 stretch for 20 seconds
Eleventh- Abs- oblique’s, upper, lower, transverse abdominals
My abs consists of one song whether that be for 3-4 minutes. I start by engaging the transverse abdominals deep breaths rounding under. Then roll down and engage my lower abs, then engage upper abs and finish with bicycles. Its short but works extremely well. Again I try to work to create a burn.
ALL DONE! 11 steps 11 moments to engage your entire body to prepare you for the day for the show for whatever you need to perform your best. Follow the video! Ask questions and include anything that you like to use for your warmup!
Xoxoxo GO slay today babes Jean

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